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Veritas Operations Manager 6.0: Administering Business Applications using the makeBE command line script

You can use the makeBE command line script to perform various operations related to Business Applications in Veritas Operations Manager. The makeBE script is packaged with the VRTSsfmcs package and you need to use the vomadm utility to run the makeBE script.
Business Entities in Veritas Operations Manager version 5.0 are re-branded as Business Applications in Veritas Operations Manager version 6.0.

For more information on makeBE operations, see:

You can create, edit, and delete a Business Application using the options (import/export/user defined import) that are provided with the makeBE script. In order to administer Business Applications using the makeBE script, you need to provide base objects and the comma-separated values (CSV) file details.
The CSV file contains the information on the Business Application objects to be added or removed, the operation identifier, and the type of the operation to be executed (for example, adding or removing the objects).

The makeBE script options are:

  • import - Imports the content of an existing CSV file to create a Business Application or update or delete an existing Business Application. The operation type parameter (oper_type) mentioned in the CSV file determines the type of the operation. For example, to add an object to the Business Application, the value of oper_type is set to I, and for the delete operation, it is set to D.
  • export - Exports the content of a Business Application to a CSV file.
  • user_defined_import - Provides additional flexibility to add objects to the Business Application. For example, add all the hosts starting with SFHA to the Business Application.

To learn more about the CSV file and its parameters, see:

Note: Virtual Business Services do not support makeBE operations.

To learn more about makeBE script limitations and the log files, see:

For more information about makeBE script, see:

Storage Foundation and High Availability and Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.


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