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10 years ago

Veritas Operations Manager 6.1: Using Veritas Operations Manager Web services API

Veritas Operations Manager version 6.0 and later provide an API that can be accessed over the HTTPS protocol using any standard HTTPS client. The interface provides the ability to query Veritas Operations Manager discovered data and to manage user defined attributes for certain object types. The API can be used for searching the objects, listing their properties, and setting the extended attributes on them.

In Veritas Operations Manager version 6.1 you can also perform operations on some objects. These APIs can be invoked using the XPRTLC client or any other HTTPS client like cURL.

For more information see the following topic:

About using Veritas Operations Manager Web services API

For more information on the logging in and logging out of the Web service API, see:

For information on supported objects and operations, see:

To view some examples of performing operations and the output, see:

Storage Foundation and High Availability and Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.

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