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11 years ago

vxdisk list showing errors on multiple disks, and I am unable to start cluster on slave node.


If anybody have same experience and can help me, I am gonna be very thankful

I am using solars 10 (x86 141445-09) + EMC PowerPath  (5.5.P01_b002) + vxvm (5.0,REV=04.15.2007.12.15) on two node cluster.

This is fileserver cluster.

I've added couple new LUNs and when I try to scan for new disk :"vxdisk scandisks" command hangs and after that time I was unable to do any vxvm job on that node, everytime command hangs.

I've rebooted server in maintanance windows, (before reboot switched all SGs on 2nd node)

After that reboot I am unable to join to cluster with reason

2014/04/13 01:04:48 VCS WARNING V-16-10001-1002 (filesvr1) CVMCluster:cvm_clus:online:CVMCluster start failed on this node.
2014/04/13 01:04:49 VCS INFO V-16-2-13001 (filesvr1) Resource(cvm_clus): Output of the completed operation (online)
2014/04/13 01:04:49 VCS ERROR V-16-10001-1005 (filesvr1) CVMCluster:???:monitor:node - state: out of cluster
reason: Cannot find disk on slave node: retry to add a node failed 


Apr 13 01:10:09 s_local@filesvr1 vxvm: vxconfigd: [ID 702911 daemon.warning] V-5-1-8222 slave: missing disk 1306358680.76.filesvr1
Apr 13 01:10:09 s_local@filesvr1 vxvm: vxconfigd: [ID 702911 daemon.warning] V-5-1-7830 cannot find disk 1306358680.76.filesvr1
Apr 13 01:10:09 s_local@filesvr1 vxvm: vxconfigd: [ID 702911 daemon.error] V-5-1-11092 cleanup_client: (Cannot find disk on slave node) 222


here is output from 2nd node (working fine)


Disk:   emcpower33s2
type:   auto
flags:  online ready private autoconfig shared autoimport imported
guid:   {665c6838-1dd2-11b2-b1c1-00238b8a7c90}
udid:   DGC%5FVRAID%5FCKM00111001420%5F6006016066902C00915931414A86E011
site:    -
diskid: 1306358680.76.filesvr1
dgname: fileimgdg
dgid:   1254302839.50.filesvr1
clusterid: filesvrvcs
info:   format=cdsdisk,privoffset=256,pubslice=2,privslice=2

and here is from node where i see this problems


Device:    emcpower33s2
devicetag: emcpower33
type:      auto
flags:     error private autoconfig
pubpaths:  block=/dev/vx/dmp/emcpower33s2 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/emcpower33s2
guid:      {665c6838-1dd2-11b2-b1c1-00238b8a7c90}
udid:      DGC%5FVRAID%5FCKM00111001420%5F6006016066902C00915931414A86E011
site:      -
errno:     Configuration request too large
Multipathing information:
numpaths:   1
emcpower33c     state=enabled


Can anybody help me?

I am not sure about Configuration request too large 


  • 1.Run vxdisk -o alldgs list on the second (problem) node to identify the diskgroups that currently
    have one or more disks in error state

    2. Execute "vxdg -g <dgname> flush" from cvm master for the dgs identified in step 1

    3. Try to online cvm SG via VCS (hagrp -online cvm -sys node2)

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