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16 years ago

How can I rename print resources?


I use the Veritas Storage Foundation HA 5.1 for Windows and in this system's running a print cluster.

When I add a new resource (printer) to the PrintShare, become an automatically comment/description name to the shared printer, BUT I want to use another name for it.

If I modify a key in registry, get an error message, like when I try to modify the printer properties... How can I do that? Should I doing something in the cluster?

Thanks the answers...

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  • Hello,
       Unfortunately, the comment field of a Print Share cannot be changed as that is the field that the cluster software uses to determine whether or not the Print Share belongs to the cluster.

    Print Shares that are shared by bringing the resource online in the cluster will contain the ~VCS entry in the 'comment' field whereas resources shared outside of the cluster will not include this entry in the 'comment' field.