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10 years ago

Howto remove SFW CP21 patch


Primary Site Node = SFW 5.1 SP2

Primary Site Node = SFW 5.1 SP2 CP21

I tried to install the CP21 patch on Primary node and while installation my service got hannged to to somw reason. I hard booted the node. Now when I run the command vxassist version it gives my the below error.

V-77-57616-2 : Server Initialization failed

I feel that I need to uninstall the patch. But I am not able to see the CP21 patch in Windows Control Panel. Kindly advise


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  • Hi Zahid,

    For the 5.1 version of SFW/SFW-HA, each hot fix in the CP will need to be uninstalled independently.  The CP installer for this version is just an automated way to install all of the hot fixes currently available for that version of the product.

    Here is a tech note that covers how to uninstall a hotfix:

    With the newer 6.x CP installer, we have added the ability to uninstall the entire CP via the CP installer.

    Thank you,