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  • See if this TN will help you...

    We used this a couple of years ago when we assisted a customer with SQL 2008 SP2 patch updates:

    This strategy can be used with or without an outage.
    • The SQL Service group will stay online on the active node while performing the upgrade with everything offline on the passive node.
    • The passive node is then rebooted
    • The Application group is then switched from the active node to the passive node, switching node roles; active node becomes passive and vice versa.
    • The new active node is now the upgraded Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP2 Node and the application group will recognize the upgraded binaries and online successfully. 
    • All groups and services are then stopped on the newly passive node.
    • This passive node is then upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP2 and rebooted.
    • After the system starts up and the VCS services are confirmed to be started successfully, the SQL application group can now be failed back over or moved back to its original node as previously configured.

    Hope this helps...