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16 years ago

another cvm problem, fixed already, but want to know why

hi folks,

Today I am playing with cvm setup and got a problem.

When I tried to setup a shared dg with below command.
vxdg -s init oradg disk01=c1t0d0 disk02=c1t1d0 disk03=c1t2d0 disk04=c1t3d0

It kept returning me with error "Cannot find disk on slave node".  My shared storage is probed with different name on two nodes, but I know this is supported.  From both nodes, I can see shared disks with "vxdisk list", but why it told me "disk not found"?

Later on, I found out the shared disks are initialized on slave node.    then I did a vxdiskunsetup and followed a vxdisksetup on master node, all good now.

I know operations against vxvm objects must be done on master node, like setting up shared disk group, creating or recreating volume.  But does the initialization of disk need to be done on master node?

My understanding is as long as initialization is done and vxvm signature is placed on disks, and disks are accessible from both nodes, that is.  All we need to do is to create dg, create volume on master node afterwards.


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  • Hello Eric,

    what was the status of disks when they were initialized from slave ? were they visible as "online" from both the nodes i.e master & slave ?

  • Yes, they look ok from both master and slave.

    all in online state.  That is why it did confuse me a bit.