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8 years ago

Difference between the SFHA offering - Veritas InfoScale and Veritas CFS.

What is exact difference between the SFHA offering - Veritas InfoScale  and Veritas CFS. Since V-CFS is no longer available, is Veritas InfoScale a direct replacement . If yes, which family member of InfoScale (Availability, Foundation, Storage, Enterprise) it is mapped ?

As per the Product offering brochure, ClusterFile System is mapped to InfoScale Enterprise and thus VCFS is rebranded into InfoScale.

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  • Not too sure how to answer your query as your attachment (that you seemed to have copied from here: ) is quite clear about how SF products are mapped to Infoscale.

    The old names under SFHA Offerings heading no longer exist. The last version for those products was 6.x. 

    Version 7 introduced the Infoscale naming convension with product mappings as per your attachment.

    The line above the table reads as follows:
    The table below shows the mapping of the earlier Storage Foundation High Availability offerings to the new InfoScale products.

    As you can see in the table, CFS without VCS is mapped to InfoScale Storage. 
    CFS with VCS (and all the other options) is mapped to InfoScale Enterprise. 

    If you currently have valid licenses for the older SFHA product family, your licenses will automatically be converted to the appropriate Infoscale licenses when your annual renewal is due.