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19 years ago

Missing SCRead and SCWrite groups after installation

I have downloaded the evaluation version for storage exec 5.3 and installed it on a windows 2003 Server computer is member of a workgroup. All seems to be ok with the exception of the missing SCRead and SCWrite groups.

In the documentation i found the following:
Read and Full Control access are assigned through SCRead and SCWrite groups. When the Permissions Utility SEPerm.exe runs automatically during installation, it adds SCRead and SCWrite groups to the SAM domain => in my case local Servers SAM, but i do not have any groups and it's also not possible to create this groups directly over SEPerm.exe, i do not get any error.

The entire installation and configuration has be done with the administrator account.

Any ideas what the problem could be???

Many Thanks in advance for your help!!!


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  • Hi Chistof:

    Since you did the install on a machine in a workgroup and not in a domain, that is why the groups weren't created.

    I don't think these groups are necessary to Storage Exec on a machine in a workgroup since the SE services are running under local system account.

    SCRead and SCWrite groups are usually necessary for SE administration purposes in the enterprise. when a user is part of SCRead Group he can launch the UI and look at the quotas but he won't be able to "Create" or delete quotas... However when the user is part of the SCWrite group he would be able to do so.

    Please also keep in mind that these group permissions are in addition to any user permissions given to the user from windows... meaning that a simple domain user if made part of SCWrite group won't be able to create quotas etc... because he simply doesn't have the permissions..

    The only thing that I remember being different in the two groups is the SCWrite group has "Increase quotas right" whereas SCRead doesn't

  • Thanks for your first answer! I have only one additional question:

    I have a different workgroup(1500 PC + some Servers in Europe) infrastructure and need a solution for the comming file service. Every country will get mind. one file server. My question is if i also can configure different local windows accounts with very low permissions (view reports, quota, ect..) in Storage Exec, will not that every administrator must work with an administrator account with full access.

  • Wow 1500 pcs in a workgroup... r u sure ? cause MS doesn't recommend having more than ten in a workgroup ... since I've never used a StorageExec in workgroups I am not sure about the answer... but I don't think it is going to work with local windows account with very low permissions.

    Currently SE needs local admin rights for full administration... you can do some testing with local users not part of the Administrators group and see what works or not. I don't know if you'll be able to launch the UI with a simple local user...

    Another thing is the next version for SE coming out... codenamed 'Reloaded MP 1' should be in beta pretty soon, has a snap-in module which lets the user get quota information by simply right clicking on the folder, also display, creation and deletion of a managed resource is dependent on user permissions.. for example if the user doesn't have the required permission he would only be able to view quotas and won't be able to create or delete.

  • Thanks for your Informations, i make a test installation and look for different settings!!!