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11 years ago

Sfcache (SmartIO) volume Kstate DISABLED after SG switch over to alternate node


We are currently testing sfcache (SmartIO) on a 2 nodes test cluster without CFS and after doing a SG switchover from one node to the other, the cache is no more used and volume appear in State: ENABLED and Kstate: DISABLED.

No way to reactivate it unless destroying the data (cached ) DG.

Any hints ?

Setup : RHEL 6.4 SFHA ENT 6.1 



  • Hi Tony,

    It works now, thanks to the Symantec support (we opened a case in parallel).

    We added the new (6.1) flag ClearClone=1 on the DG definition in the, and the udid_mismatch and clone_disk are automatically cleared, thus making the cache active when failover occurs.

    We do not expect to switch over the cache devices, as at the target they will be local to each node (FusionIO PCIe cards).





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