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17 years ago

Validation Error - WMI Service is corrupted, not running or disabled. - URGENT!!

Hi Experts,
I am encountering some problem while trying to install Storage Foundation 5.0 on a Windows 2000 Terminal server.
I keep getting the following error: 

The installation process won't validate, it says the "WMI service is corrupted, not running or disabled".  I went to the Adminstrative Tools, services and check the service. The service is on and running. It is also being set as autostart. I tried to cancel the installation process and reinstall it with no success.
Appreciate if anyone can help me on this...
Thanks a lot....

  • Probably a Windows issue - see

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  • I am also hitting hitting with this same problem in windows XP machine where i have installed both HA 5.1 and HA 5.0 clients.

    can anyone please help us on this to solve ?


  • Probably a Windows issue - see