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11 years ago

VxVM siteconsistent feature

I had a query on VxVM site-consistent feature.

I have "Veritas Storage Foundation Basic" product installed and I am using mirroing with site consistent feature (mirror=site).

On documentation, till release 5.0, this chapter "Administering sites and remote mirrors" was present in Storage Foundation Admin Guide.

Now the same chapter has been moved to "SFCFS Admin Guide".


I am assuming the with only "Storage Foundation" too, site-consistent feature is supported.


Please correct me is I am wrong.




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  • Hi,

    Yes, it is supported with Storage Foundation, infact the SF admin guides do have the section talking about site based allocation, refer below



  • I am fairly certain that Veritas Storage Foundation Basic does not support  site-consistent feature as Veritas Storage Foundation Basic (free) should have less features than Storage Foundation Standard (non-free) which does NOT have site-consistent  feature - you need Storage Foundation Standard Enterprise to get  site-consistent feature.


  • I have "Storage Foundation Standard Enterprise" with licenses.

    But I have installed only SF(Storage  Foundation) not SFCFS.

    I can see all commands are working fine. Even SF Admin talks about this feature, but not in detail.

    Details are mentioned in SFCFS Admin guide. Thats the reason I wanted to clarify that if someone has only licensed version of "Storage Foundation", is site-consistent feature supported ?



  • As said before, SF would support site consistent feature, site consistent basically a SF functionallity & is clubbed with SFCFS as well but my I am fairly sure it would work with SF.