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5 years ago

--Error ED80002A: Failed to open parent recovery point file

-Unable to create incremental recovery point.
--Error ED80002A: Failed to open parent recovery point file 'file://donjon/basement/backup files/BCI-BASEMENT_Local Disk0-2_Drive003_i009.iv2i'.
---Error ED800018: The recovery point file 'file://donjon/basement/backup files/BCI-BASEMENT_Local Disk0-2_Drive003_i009.iv2i' cannot be found.


Next month same problem this time missing file is BCI-BASEMENT_Local Disk0-4_Drive003_i009.iv2i yet backup's continued everyday until day BCI-BASEMENT_Local Disk0-4_Drive003_i023.iv2i was okay. On August 24 BCI-BASEMENT_Local Disk0-4_Drive003_i024.iv2i it started to complain BCI-BASEMENT_Local Disk0-2_Drive003_i009.iv2i was missing that makes no logical sense to me. How could it backup for 14 days then suddenly decide a file was missing (no backup was made that day (9th) its not missing computer was not turned on.)

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    5 years ago

    So while running Windows Memtest and another solution that has not been updated, I purchased Passmark Memtest86 I discovered memory problems. Since replacing memory these errors resolved and actually recently restored using bare metal recovery.

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