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14 years ago

After Backup Exec restore the Windows 2003 Server won't boot

I restored our drive images (C and D) to a new machine. I can tell that the files got there by using the Recovery Disk's file navigator, but when I try to boot the machine normally I get a black screen with a flashing cursor.

I must be missing something, because I set the C drive as the primary drive when I was restoring the partitions. Why is it not working?

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  • Is the new server the same hardware ? Which options have you set for the restore of drive C (restore MBR, activate, restore drive signature etc.)

  • I used the defualt settings when restoring. I did both drives at once. Do you have any reccomendations for using different settings?

    It is like it doesn't recognize the boot drive.

  • Hello Treybo,

    when you do the restore, is there "restore drive Signature" activated?

    If so, deselect it and activate MBR and system Partition.

    If there are problems, activating the System Partition try this:

    1.Boot the new with the orig. SBS2003 Server CD

    2. Create all the new partitions ( 2 in your case)

    3. After that you can stop the Setup

    4. Boot with the SRD

    5. Check, if you can aktivate now the Systempartition. 



  • I tried multiple times to try to restore both drives in one action, but it never worked. I eventually got the boot drive to work by restoring it on its own. The weird thing is that I had the same settings for this drive selected when I restored the C & D drives together, but it would never boot that way.

    I'm not sure if the problem gets worse if you have more than two drives to reinstall. It might be limited to just the boot drive is this scenerio, but boy was it a pain to try to figure out. And Symantec was Zero help. They actually wanted me to pay $250 for support of their faulty software.

    I actually wasted my time by calling support and getting the run around (three call transfers to differnet departments). I will keep this in mind when our license is up for renewal. I find this ridiculous!