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15 years ago

Backup files and folders and problem with encryption

I just deployed a BESR 2010 server in our environment to evaluate replacing Symantec Netbackup Desktop Agent.   The newer portion of the backup ran fine (system state or something like that).    However, the backup of files and folders portion failed because the files are encrypted with the EFS Assistant.    With the Netbackup Desktop Agent, it backuped files of the user logged in which worked because the EFS certificate is assigned to that user.   Is there a way to force the BESR 2010 backup of files and folder job to run as the currently logged in user?   

Also, question #2.    The clients that were pushed out from the server to a test laptops are showing trial version.    Where do I get the license key?   Outside of Mail Security for Exchange, most of our downloaded Symantec products don't typicially require one.   

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