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10 years ago

Best practices for SSR desktop edition


how to install SSR desktop edition in 2012 storage edition and how to create storage in NAS server.

Is the requirements are not compatible tell how to perform installation in this requirements.

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  • Do you mean Windows Server 2012 Storage Edition? Which version of SSR do you want to install - 2013 or 2013R2?


  • No its desktop edition. 

    SSR desktop edition 2013

  • Before tried installing in storage edition its was unsucessfull. Unable to configure the dedupe server port error ocured. 

    Call logged sym for help they said try installing in standrad edition.

  • Can you able to say what is the best pratice for installing

    step by step

    credentials and so on what ever needed to installing

  • Are you aware of the SSR users guide: