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10 years ago

Error unistalling trial version

I am trying to uninstall SSR 2013 trials from some pcs, and i have deployed an uninstall policy in SSR 2013 management solution.

Unfortunately uninstalls fail.

So I found this:

And I was trying the options 1 and 2.

1 Didn't work

2 Asked me for the source installation files, that are missing.

So probably that's the problem. Unfortunately, I don't have SSR 2013 installation files anywhere, and now is possible to download only SSR 2013 R2 as a trial. Also in SSR 2013 management solution, I have found the deployment folders, but only 11.1 (2013R2) contains the installation files, while 11.0 (SSR2013) and 10.0 (SSR2011) are empty.

  • Final solution was: finding install files in a very old backup I had somewhere, and put them where the uninstall task was searching them, then starting again the uninstall task.