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6 years ago

How to change a backup destination showing against historic backups

I have been asked to remove a SAN attached volume from the SSR MS server as the array is end of life and no longer supported. The problem is that there were a number of backup policies that used this volume as a destination. Consequently there are numerous backups that are recorded against this volume.

I have physically copied the backups to an alternative volume on the server using Windows command line however the backups will still be showing in SSR MS against the original destination. Is there an easy way to point it at a different location? How would I go about restoring a PC if I needed to restore using any of these backups that have been moved?

Apologies if I'm not making sense, many thanks for any help.

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  • Maybe VSR-MS will be updated when you move the backups using the Move Option in the Manage Backup Destination Setting in the VSR console?

  • Ravi_Bhandari

    Unfortunately there is nothing within the product that can do the move and also update all the database entries to reflect the new location.

    If the new location uses the same hostname (or ip address), then this should be seamless to VSR/VSR-MS (i.e. it won't actually know there has been any changes).

    Even if the new location is totally different (new hostname etc), this won't stop you from doing restores via VSR. It will however mean that restores done centrally via VSR-MS are likely to fail. You'd just need to do the restore manually via the client machine.