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8 years ago

How to delete old base of incremental backup point if you can't see it in SSR

I was making a backup of all drives before updating to the most recent version.  I am running SSR2013 R2.

I have a backup job set to incremental for one particular drive.  I made a backup in June 2016.  Since I have other backup strategies on this particular drive I did not update it for quite a while.

I just ran that incremental backup job and since it is now 2017, I know that SSR creates an entirely new backup and does not make it incremental to the one from June.  And based on the file sizes, that is what happend.

So I have a backup from June 2016 that is 850GB and one from April 2017 that is 1TB.

They are labeled D_Drive001 and D_Drive 002.  I can of course see both V2I files on my NAS in the same directory.

However since the one from April 2017 (D_Drive002) is really not incremental (it is a new "base" I believe) I want to delete that one from June 2016.  However when I go into Advanced and right click on manage destinations I only see that one recovery point I just made today.  So I assume the old base is buried in there somewhere?

Now I can right click and there is a clean up and delete option but I certainly want to check before I run that.

Also, I have not had good luck with SSR properly deleting large backups on the NAS when trying to delete from SSR. In the past I have had to delete the file manualy on the NAS.

So bottom line, how do I keep the backup I made today and delete the old one? And verify my assumption that the new one is a new base and not incremental.







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  • Which file extension have the D_Drive001 and D_Drive 002 files?

    Can you also post screenshoots of the manage backup destination thing?

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      The file extensions of the D_Drive001 and D_Drive 002  are both v2i.

      I need to get back to PC for a screenshot.

      It says: "1 Recovery point",

      Range: Yesterday

      Size: 1.008GB

      Drive D


      It also lists a recovery point that is "Unavailable" (probably the one I had to delete manually and it is a different date and size from the one I am talking about).

      The one above does not list a range of dates as my C backup does, nor is the backup from 6/28/16 of 852GB listed anywhere.  That was the previous backup from this drive set before I executed it again yesterday.



      • So by taking into account all information you provided I think you can safely delete the v2i file that is not listed in the manage backup destination dialog. I also should think you can remove the missing backups in this dialog by selecting them and simply delete them. I hope I got all your points answered.