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11 years ago

How to prevent client system from rebooting during the install of SSR2013

Hi Guys,

We used SSR2011 for a while. Now we have upgraded to SSR2013. New installations on computers will forcely reboot the computer.

We don't want that.


In SSR2011 we managed this by:

- Changing the commandline option: REBOOT=ReallySuppress

- Changing <After Running> option = No action required


How can we do this in SSR2013?

I already changed <After Running> option = No action required, but that's not enough.

The commandline is now: CommonInstaller.exe SSR /S: /BOOT: /SERVICE: /SSRLANG:"EN" /DISABLETELEMETRY:


I've heard that the Reboot-reallysuppress is not working anymore?

Is it enough to remove the option /Boot ?


  • Yes, you need to remove /BOOT.

    See here: