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4 years ago

many errors in altiris log viewer for management solution after upgrade

My management suite is not usable, trying to access any page on "manage activities" gives an unlimited loading time animation. Opening altiris log viewer, one can see many many errors.

Now, I have been troubleshooting in the past also with technical support, with 10+ sesisons/calls, it seems like it was working (even though there were still plenty of errors in the log), but after the latest update it got completely broken. I cannot even access the backup tasks tab to adjust them, or the serials tab to add my v21 serial.

Unless there is some obvious fix, like different browser (I am using IE11), os something else easy, I think I need some drastic solution. Might uninstall and resinstall solve the problem, if I keep the database? Or might the problem be in the database? I think is not just BESR, but also ALTIRIS management suite problem. Otherwise, I'd need to rebuild the whole environment from scratch. Is there any problem regarding that (like, certificate/communication issues, need to uninstall also clients and so on...)

I attach a sample of the errors I get when trying to open a page