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15 years ago

Need to know if there are any compatability / incompatability issues...

Are there any compatability issues with Norton System Works 2003 & BESR 6.52?

I've got a machine here that needs to move to better Hardware:

here's the situation:

the system isn't really good enough for XP,
the machine is;
Daewoo CT 6560 - CADY1
Celeron-II- 667MHz
9GB HDD (original died)
Norton System Works 2003 (including NAV2003)

there are no disks so there is no,
"just buy the newer HW and re-install"

I've tried adding more RAM but the system won't boot,
all it gives is a bluescreen and:

"System isn't ACPI compliant" stop error

STOP: 0x000000A5 (0x00000002, 0x823E34B8, 0x823E37B0)

With Norton System Works installed will there be any problems with using BESR to Migrate the system?
I need to take an image and not just use "Copy Drive" because I'll be doing and using "RestoreAnyware"
to migrate to newer HW.
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