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6 years ago

recovery size problem

I backed up a 500 GB drive on my new Windows 10 desktop computer.  The backup contains 100 GB of data.  I am trying to restore the data to a laptop with a 150GB harddrive. 

However, I am getting this error message: "The selected destination is too small to hold the data."

 I can restore on a file-by-file basis, but this is painfully slow.  I was able to successfully restore this data last month before I encrypted by desktop using bitlocker.

Any suggestions?


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      thanks for your feedback.

      I checked properties on the drive I backed up (source), and it shows 96 GB used and 453 GB free, for a total of 550 GB

      The backup file has a size of 49 GB

      The destinartion drive has a sixe of 151GB and I just did a quick format.

      Based on the articele you referenced, it looks like I need 130GB on the destination drive: [550/16+96 = 130]


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        Yes, agreed - there should be enough space for this to work.

        Can you provide a screenshot of the error please? Can you also confirm exact version of VSR by checking the versions details in Help/About in the console (don't provide a screenshot as this area contains your license info).

        Another way to restore this data is:

        • Right-click on the v2i file and choose the mount option
        • This mounts the backup as a temporary volume in windows
        • You can now copy your data to new location
        • Right-click on temp volume and dismount when copy is complete