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11 years ago

SEP ccSvcHst runs with SSR vProSvc during backup and stalls backup (2% in 12 hrs)

Dell Presicsion 330 Wndows 7 workstation, 3 HD,  with SSR 2011 (because of older CPU) and SEP 2013 client (unmanaged) installed.

We have a long historyof successful SSR daily backups completing in < 1 hr.

Yesterday ran SSR restore on C: Last night's scheduled backup started at midnight and was only at 1% after after 8 hrs.  

Tack Manager showed ccSvcHst repeatedly running after short bursts of vProSvc action, with each process having almost equal very high I/O count. vProSvc logged 44 min of CPU time, ccSvcHst 30 min of CPU time, at point of aborting backup.

Something related to backup is invoking SEP. The result kills effective backup.

I need, and apprecaiate,  your wisdom about cause and fix. 



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  • What product is the vprosvc process related to? If you are not using the amt capabilities of your machine then disabling vpro maybe a good idea. If you do use the amt functions, then you may need to configure sep in a way that it doesnt fight with that vpro process.
  • I agree with SK.

    Please configure your sep in a way that it doesn't conflict with vprosvc of SSR