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11 years ago

SSR 2013: Host-level Hyper-V backups in Win Server 2012 R2


I am experimenting with Symantec System Recovery 2013 and host-level Hyper-V VM backups in Windows Server 2012 R2.

My observations are as follows:

1. SSR is capable of doing hot Hyper-V backups. In this case Hyper-V creates intermediate snapshots (checkpoints / avhdx) during the backup that are auto-merged into the VM being backed up after the backup. Unfortunately, the snapshots stay in the iv2i backup files and I am not sure how to handle them after the restore of the VM from the backup.

2. I tried to run a pre-backup script in SSR that shuts down the VM in order to perform a cold backup of the VM. After the backup I run a post-backup script in SSR to restart the VM. This works ok so far but Hyper-V still creates the snaptshots (checkpoints / avhdx) I described above although the VM is shutdown at the time of backup. Is this behavior expected?

3. I tried to turn off the "backup volume snapshot" integration service for the particular VM through the Hyper-V Manager. According to the docs this should force Hyper-V to move the VM into saved state and perform a cold backup instead of a hot backup. Unfortunately, this does not change anything. The VM continues to run (instead of stopping) and the execution flow is the same as described in 1. Does SSR somehow ignore the Hyper-V settings?

Thanks in advance.


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