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10 years ago

SSR 2013 On-Site / Off-Site different file sizes

I have a continuing problem with my on-site and off-site external drives where the two seperate drives might have different file sizes for the same backup set. One example is Our main file server backup for on-site might be 200GB and on the Off-site, it could be 400GB. I have the option checked so SSR managed the recovery points. I have formatted on-site and off-site drives and reinstalled SSR thinking it will fix the problem. However, last week it seems SSR is not clearing the off-site drives. Our on-site drive is sitting at 800GB and a couple days ago I got a warning that a backup couldnt go to off-site because it was out of space. The drive is a 2TB drive. Somehow the off-site drive managed to fill up while the on-site is pretty much staying a constant size.  Also I noticed on some of the different backup sets for the various servers is a folder called "File Backup Data". Sometimes the server folder on the on-site will have this in it while the off-site does not and vice versus.


So my question is, how do I keep SSR from over taking my off-site drive and what is this "File Backup Data" folder and why isn't this folder on both on-site and off-site drives?

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