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11 years ago

SSR Recovery Options

I have been running SSR 2013 for a while now on a WS2012E server.   Data is being stored on a NAS device connected to the network.  I created a custom restore boot on a USB device and tested it works.   My question pertains to a "what if" the server goes down for any reason and can I read the backup data from another computer running windows "x", using the recovery disk, not the custom SSR mentioned?  Can I restore important data to a specified client PC until the server was repaired/fixed/whatever?    If the server is down, I want to be able to restore some data to a temporary machine, most likely a windows desktop OS, until the server is going.

Can I do this?  Is there a document that explains how?  What criteria needs to be met to allow this for a temporary situation?



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  • As long as all drivers for server X are on the standard SRD yes. Our you can even use the recovery point browser from server X when you install SSR on it, to recover only selected file from the NAS device.

  • But if the server is down, can I use the standard SRD on Windows 7/8 desktop to recover the files temporarily?  In other words can a read and restore files from the NAS via a Windows desktop OS to the windows desktop PC, not a server ?  I've never tested this situation, can it be done??

    Thank you.

  • Yes, this can be done but you would not use the SRD for this.

    Just install SSR on the other machine (desktop) and either mount the recovery point or use the recovery point browser to perform a restore.