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11 years ago

SSR2013 creates unscheduled Base Recovery Points

Why is my system creating unscheduled Base Recovery Points. I have my backup job set to run every day and do 5 incrementals each day. A new Base Recovery Point should only be created the first day of the new month. For some reason I am getting new Base Recovery Points several times in a month. I am running Windows 8.1 update 1 as a standard user. I do hibernate my system each evening and do a shutdown or restart occasionally.

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  • Afaik if SSR recognizes a problem with the recovery point it automatically creates a new base recovery point.

  • Is it really creating a new base or are these large incrementals?

    .v2i = full (base) backup

    .iv2i = incremental

    Can you provide a directly listing (dir >c:\dir.txt) of the backup destination folder.

  • Chris Riley:

    I have attached the text file you requested. I am quite sure new unscheduled base recovery points are being created.

    I should mention that the last error message in thhe event log was on 6/27/2014.

    Also the backup destination is a D-Link ShareCenter Raid0 that goes to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity.

    For some reason SSR 2013 decided to take the Fourth of July holiday off. The system was on but for some reason there were no incrementals created and no errors in the event log.


  • Can you please attach the following log which may give some clues:

    C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Logs\Symantec System Recovery.log.txt

  • Here is the file you requested. I have included another file which is a selection from the Windows Event logs. There are a couple questions in the file. The events I selected surround one unexpected backup and do not show any problem. An incremental was done as expected and then no errors and then the new base.


    If I can get the Event Viewer to narrow the date and time with a filter I will send that to you.

  • I have attached a Windows Event Viewer log for 7/10 11:15 AM to 7/10 2:40 PM. This covers the successfull scheduled creatiion of an incremental backupt and the new base backup creation. I should note that the job does a verify.


    Also It would be nice when starting a backup if the log entry indicated if it was an incremenatl or base recovery point. Right now you have to look at the result to see what kind was actually created.

  • The directory listing shows that base backups were done on 8th and 10th of July and the SSR log says that these were 'scheduled base recovery point' which seems odd based on your earlier comments regarding the schedule you are using.

    Can you provide a screenshot of the schedule you are using? Can you also click on the 'Custom' button and provide a screenshot of that please.

  • Chris:

    I do not understand what you mean by the "Custom" button.

    I have attached two screenshots. One is of the Backup Job Schedule tab and the second is the last screen of the Define Backup Wizard.


    Since I have Symantecs attention it would be if the Event discription for the start of a Backup Job would indicate if the backup is a Base or an Incremental backup. I would think adding the appropriate word between  drive-based  and backup would be very helpfull.

    Info 6C8F1F65: The drive-based WORD HERE backup job, Drive Backup of Local Disk (*:\), (C:\), has been started automatically.

  • I've attached a screenshot of what I mean by the custom button.

  • Chris:

    I have attached the Custom New Set Schedule window.