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13 years ago

Symantec system recovery 2011

I would like to know few things is it true or not:

1) Is this product is providing agent less backup for VM (Without installing agent on virtual machines can able to take a backup by just deploying pliugin inside VCenter or VSphere?

2) De-duplication feature is available or not in SSR 2011?

3) Is it supporting tape drive or tape library or not?

4) This product having feature of restore any where but is it working in Linux enviroment also or not?

5) This product support VMware, Hyper-v Citrix XEN but is it supporting Red Hat Enterprise VM or other Virtual platform?

6) This product can convert P2V and V2P but what if i want to convert V2V is it possible?

7) What about disk level backup.

Request you to please answere me ASAP.

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