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9 years ago

Symantec System Recovery 2013 Backup Error Exchange

I'd tried to backup an fresh system with SSR2013 SP2 V11.1.2.54477

The Server contains 2012 R2 and Exchange 2013

The first backup was no problem, the second one without touching the system, the next day was aborted with error V-281-1267-15 Exchange Writer Error

VSSADMIN unbounded i'd already tried....same error

Server restarted, same error


I need help please


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  • What results do you see when you run the following command?


    And what error(s) do you see in the Windows event logs when this failure happens?

  • Thanks for your fast reply.

    I'd installed the SP3 and what should I say, everything works fine again.


    Thanks for you support.



  • Good to hear.

    However .... it may have been the reboot after installing SP3 that 'fixed' this. I would suggest monitoring backups for a few days to be sure the issue is resolved.