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10 years ago

Symantec System Recovery Licencing


Could anyone clarify this question on licencing.

I have a number of Symantec System Recovery 2013 Server Licences. Could you please confirm how this is licenced for HyperV VM's.

Does one licence on the host cover SSR being installed on all the VM's on that host?

Many Thanks


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  • Where does this leave us from a Licencing point of view?

    If we require to Granular restore VM's do we need a licence for each of them? Or would a licence just on the host cover all vm's within it even if thet each had SSR intsalled?

  • A standard SSR server license just licenses each server - that can be the Hyper-V host or any VM that has SSR installed on it.

    We do have the Virtual Edition of SSR which covers the host AND all guest VM's. It really depends how many guest VM's you want to protect to see if this is cost effective for you.

    Server Edition:

    Virtual Edition:

    Hope that helps.