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  • I gathered the links for issues that some customers may experience during the installation. Please check the below links if you have experienced the issue.

    System Recovery (SSR and VSR) Installer fails with error: _Setup has stopped working or a screen "Loading the install. Please Wait..." disappears suddenly.

    'Some files used for the Veritas System Recovery installation are corrupt' message is seen when attempting installation on a machine without an internet connection.

    Install, upgrade or update process of System Recovery 18 Service Pack 3 / 4 or System Recovery 21 hangs.

    System Recovery 21 or later installation may fail or the machine may enter Recovery mode after installation under the environment where Windows update is not run.

  • Hi Veritas team,

    I'm one of VSR end user.

    Bytheway is there any link for how-to documentation that share step by step for recovering a VM with 'Active Directory Domain Service/AD DS' rule? 

    actually, for common server I found on this links: 

    How to restore a computer through Restore Anyware (RAO) with Veritas System Recovery (VSR) , 

    and About recovering a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)-based computer | Recovering a computer | Veritas™ System Recovery 22 User's Guide | Veritas™ for UEFI based.

    but for AD DS I just found on 'Veritas™ System Recovery 22 User's Guide" the 'tips for protecting a domain controller in active directory' but this tips only for before the backup running.

    hopefully I can get the clear how-to documentation for recovering a VM with 'Active Directory Domain Service/AD DS' rule as well.

    Many thanks,


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      Regarding the recovery of domain controllers for VSR, the steps are the same as the common recovery steps.
      Non-authoritative restore is always performed when recovering recovery points by VSR. To do the authoritative restore, a file based backup software is needed like Backup Exec. 

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        Hi, thank you for the explanation.

        actually, now I'm on 'restore trial' using VSR.

        in live/production environment we split the FSMO in to two AD-DS servers as best-practice from microsoft (both using win server 2016 OS). Then I separate the network for the restore environment (in order to not disturbing the production environment).

        I follow the common restore how-to for restoring each AD-DS server (so both of them are non-authoritative restore). but after restore process is finished/successfully, I found that all Active directory application in each server show the error (every time I open ADUC, ADAC, etc.) will show this error:

        "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

        the command failed to complete successfully."

        I have check that all services are running in each AD-DS servers.

        is there any workaround for this condition?

        many thanks