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4 years ago

Veritas SR 16 - Backup with specific subnet


I have one doubt about Veritas SR 16, i pretend to configure the backup into network with a specific subnet to avoid the people made backups out of office and made a overutilization of network on the NAS site.

it's possible to do this on Veritas SR 16?

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  • Sure. Just configure the IP address of the NAS device and TCP/IP routing will take care of the rest.:smileyvery-happy:

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      Hi Markus,

      My question is configure the subnet of the netowork not the the NAS IP. I want made backups from a specific range of IP's to NAS, this way i prevent made backups from another subnet that i don't want.


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        You have configure this outside VSR. In VSR you can only configure the name or IP of the NAS device.