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4 years ago

Veritas System Recovery Installation


When i tried to install Veritas System Recovery Version 18 in my historian Server. I encounter some error. After certain part, the Veritas installation dialog box hang and the installation just stuck at one point. When i tried to click on Cancel to cancel the installation, the installation dialog box cannot be cancelled. The x button on the top right of the dialog box also cannot be clicked. I will attach photos and videos of which the installation process get stuck and hang.


Thank you so much.

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  • Thanks for the screenshots and video..  :-)

    Sounds like this problem: - Install, upgrade or update process of System Recovery 18 Service Pack 3 / 4 or System Recovery 21 hangs.

    especially as the photos seem to show it hanging on VproObj.dll and also you say the cancel button doesn't work.


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      Yes, It is 100046027  issue. When IPv4 DNS is not set on the OS, this issue occurs during the installation / upgrade / uninstallation. According to 100046027 , please cancel the installation. After setting IPv4 DNS, please install.