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Veritas System Recovery v21 will not install without active internet connection

I have been working with Veritas System Recovery (VSR) v21 for a few years now. Normally, we install it on domain joined PCs connected to the internet. VSR always installs properly without any issues on our base corporate image. I have a situation where I need to install the application on a PC that isn't connected to the internet. The installation will run and then hang at the same point on every PC that I've tried. I've browsed through the available installation switches via CMD using the help operator and reviewed the powershell scripts within the installation media. Does anyone now how to perform an "offline" installation of VSR v21? Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading!!

I'm sure  more detailed information will be required, please let me know what will be helpful.

I've also attached a screenshot of where the installation hangs.

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      Posted my reply in the wrong spot. Please see my other post

  • Thanks for sharing the KBA, i forgot to mention in the original post that I had already tried that. Due to special circumstances, I am NOT allowed to connect this PC to the internet or corporate network as advised in step zero of the Solution shown in the KBA. i tried configuring the DNS settings on the only available NIC and it didn't make a difference since it wasn't connected to a network.