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Volume Alert in Veritas Management Solution

so while looking through options today, I saw this and enabled it. I just dont now where I can actually see what this does. Any insight greatly appreciated...


Veritas™SystemRecovery 18 Management Solution Administrator's Guide

ChangeshowVeritasSystemRecovery18ManagementSolutionreports thestatusofaparticulardriveonaclientcomputer.Forexample,suppose drive D contains unimportant data and you have chosen not to include it in a backup job. The backup status reports that the computer is at risk. YoucanconfigureVeritasSystemRecovery18ManagementSolutionto ignore drive D so that it does not calculate the status of drive D. Or, you canspecifythatonlyerrors,suchasmissedorfailedbackups,areincluded in the status report. Thebackupstatusisreportedoneachdriveonaclientcomputerwherever the drive is listed in the solution . When you customize status reporting foradrive,thestatusisreflectedanywherethatthedriveislistedinVeritas System Recovery 18 Management Solution. Youshouldfirstdeterminetheimportanceofthedataonaparticulardrive before you decide on the level of status reporting to assign it. Youcansetthestatusreportinglevelthatyouwanttobeassociatedwith the drives based on the following criteria:

■ FullStatusReporting Shows the current status of the selected drives where the status is shown. Click this option if the data is critical.

■ ErrorOnlyStatusReporting Showsthecurrentstatusoftheselecteddrivesonlywhenerrorsoccur. Click this option if the data is important, but you only want the status to report errors when they occur.

■ NoStatusReporting Does not show any status for the selected drive. Click this option if thedataisunimportantandthemissedorfailedbackupsdonotneed to be reported.



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  • Riggzie 

    You use this so you can tell VSR how to report on certain volumes on client machines.

    For example; Full Status Reporting; if any backups are missed or failed, this is marked as 'at risk' and will show up as red - meaning that you should be aware of this and try and do something about it.

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      gotcha.. in ssr 2013R2 I dont recall enabling this, and i do have the reports with at risk, backed up, etc... 

      thx.. back to setting up my new DEV environment, and getting back on track as this years goal is to get 700 machines setup on VSR18.


      Thx again