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VSS Shadow Copy Insufficient Space


I have 2 Dell computers (Win 10 Pro 1803) that both have a partition needed by VSR for a proper restore but lack sufficient space for a shadow copy.  VSR will not allow the creation of a recovery set if you try to include that partition.  VSR suggests making an independent recovery point of the partition and do not include it in the recovery point set.  VSR also warns you that that partition is needed when you configure the recovery point set but offers the ability to proceed without it.  I know an alternative is to expand the partition but I really don't want to mess with that.  Some questions:

1. If I make an independent backup of the partition in question and run a recovery point set on the other partitions, am I OK in the case of a system failure?  Will the sv2i file properly configure the full restore?

2. Is there a proper order for the backups?  My thought would be to always do the recovery point set AFTER the independent backup to create a proper sv2i file.

Thanks for any info on this.  Never had an issue until this latest purchase of these 2 Dell machines.


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    Backing up critical partitions required for restore in a different backup job (i.e. independent) will make things slightly complicated when it comes to full system restores, so I would recommend you look to try and resolve this.

    If you go to C:\Program Files\Veritas\Veritas System Recovery\Utility and run SmeDump.exe, this will generate a file called debug.txt in the same folder. Can you attach that to this thread - this will tell us which partition doesn't have enough space.


    I don't think Windows 10 provides the ability to use the add shadowstorage command.

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      I have attached the debug file for one of the computers.  I just realized the image partition (OEM) is not necessary for the OS but lacks space for VSS.  Unfortunately, the other pc is in the field and I will try to get it back in the office in a few days.  I know for a fact that machine has an OEM partition (lacking VSS space) that is necessary for OS recovery and that partition is in between other partitions.

      1. Everything I have read indicates VSS storage can not be moved in Win 10 Pro.  Only works with server OS. Too bad..

      2. Chris, you indicate a restore would be "slightly complicated".  Please give details on the necessary steps and what would be involved.

      3.  I realize 3rd party software exits to move and modify partitions.  Without going into details, I had a bad experience using this type of software and would like to avoid the use if possible.  It is frustrating that Dell even makes this discussion necessary.



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        Are you saying that you have identified that the 'Image' partition is the cause here? I can see that it is 14.3GB with 13.7GB in use. If this is the cause of the failure, is it not possible to free up some space as VSS needs at least 10% free in order to create a snapshot. I agree that it's frustrating that Dell have not considered this although is the intention that this partition needs backing up? (you'd need to check with Dell I think)

        As for point #2, I'm not sure because I've never run into this scenario before. When restoring from a single backup set, you just select the sv2i file and off you go... with multiple backups, this would not be possible.