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6 years ago

Windows 10 1809 with Samsung 970 SSD 3.1 Driver Installation Problem

Passing along what I learned yesterday.  I had trouble installing Veritas VSR 18.03 after I had updated my Samsung 970 SSD driver to version 3.1.  The error states that Veritas can't connect to the agent.  To get around this issue I restored to a backup from prior to the installation of Samsung 3.1 driver and used Live Update to instal 18.03 (I was previously using 18.02).

After the install was complete VSR was working fine.  I then installed the Samsung 3.1 driver and VSR was still working fine. 

One comment on the Live Update process. I kept receiving a notice that the Windows task was "Not Responding" and there were long period with no feedback on the UI to let me know what was happening.  Later, a green status bar showed me status of what was happening.  I think there is room for improvement for how the live update upgrade occurs. 

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  • One more thing.  The reason I was upgrading to the Samsung 3.1 driver was that on Windows 10 1809 I was receiving Blue Screens whenever I woke my computer from Sleep.  The 3.1 driver resolves that issue.