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Monitoring risks in Veritas Resiliency Platform

You can use Veritas Resiliency Platform console for risk detection and risk assessment in your environment. Veritas Resiliency Platform notifies you about the vulnerabilities that might impact the recoverability or continuity of your protected assets. Following are some categories of risks that are analyzed by Veritas Resiliency Platform:

  • Risks that may impact the ability to recover and run the application on the recovery site.
  • Risks that may impact the ability to run your applications without disruption either on your production site or on your recovery site.
  • Risks that may impact the ability to fulfill the service level agreements (SLA) for your application.


To learn more about risk insight feature and predefined risk signatures in Veritas Resiliency Platform, see:


About risk insight

Displaying risk information

Predefined risks in Veritas Resiliency Platform


Veritas Resiliency Platform also enables you to set up the replication lag threshold. Risk insight alerts you when the replication lags beyond the threshold that you specified. To learn more about setting up replication lag threshold, see:

Setting up replication lag threshold


Risk insight generates two types of risk reports that help you take actions to prevent such risks:


Current risk report: Provides the summary and detail information about all the current risks in your data center.

Historical risk report: Provides a summary and a detailed analysis of information about the risks in your environment during the specified period.


Veritas Resiliency Platform documentation can be found on the SORT website.

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