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5 years ago

VRP login error - Please advice/help

My Partner is using VRP now & they faced error during login.

"Unable to log in. Required number of resiliency managers are currently not available in the domain. Bring up the resiliency managers and try again….”

Can anyone advice please? screenshot attached


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  • Many implementations of VRP use multiple Resiliency Managers. A majority of RMs must be communicating in order to successfully operate in normal operations.

    Make sure all RMs are available and communicating. Maybe a remote RM is offline or the network is down.

    If that doesn’t work, open a support call and have Veirtas support check logs on the RM appliance.


  • Try login to that appliance and check if all the services are online. I suspect it might be looking for a service and since it can't find it locally is looking for the other RM. It should not be a requirement to have both RMs online otherwise you'd have an issue in a real disaster.

  • Hi JohnnyLoh,

    It sounds like some of the VRP services are not running on the RM that you are connected to.  Can you log into the console/KLISH of the RM and run the following to check if all services are running?

       manage > services status all

    If some of the services are not running, you can try starting them with:

       manage > services start all

    Thank you,