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8 years ago

How do we access legacy videos?

Dear Admins @JustineVelcich@TylerWelch,  @AlexMatts

I remember lots of useful videos that we initially could access on VOX, but they no longer seem to be accessible.

Google still finds the links under a folder called 'Legacy-Videos', but I receive a permission error trying to open the URL.

I type in Google: mandar BMR video
(Mandar used to be a Veritas/Symantec employee who specialized in NetBackup BMR)

Google then finds this:

Error when I follow the link:

You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.

Click your browser's Back button to continue.

Is it possible to make these Legacy videos available?

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    Community Manager

    Hi Marianne,

    I've checked the example that you provided, these videos redirect to Symantec Connect resulting in broken links. I'll work with our IT team to remove these links from the site index so that search bots can no longer crawl this content. 

    When we did the migration last year, we learned that these videos were being hosted in a variety of places on Symantec servers. Some of them were working after the switch but Symantec has since made updates on their side. I wish there was a better answer or solution but we won't be able to restore access to older video content. 

    All of that being said, I can inquire with our services team to see if we have the ability to create video content that would address question like this going forward. 

    Thanks for the note

    cc AlexMatts JustineVelcich