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7 years ago

VOX links auto redirect to homepage

Facing this odd experience for quiet long however didn't paid attention. Not sure if its me only of someone else from community also experienced similar issue. Pls help

Whenever i try navigating blogs or article w.r.t or VOX very often links are redirect back to homepage,  and this is very frequent and makes me annoyed alot. This happens with me for only veritas websites ( and vox)

This was not issue before.  So far have tried changing OS, browsers (including every version) edge,chrome, firefox.and all possible way of connectivity. This is irrespective of i'm logged into vox. Same is experience for new support portal too.

Overall adoption of new UX is welcome but this hiccups are annoyance. Pls help us to get rid of this.


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  • Hello, vnpanchal –

    Thank you for sharing this VOX experience with our team. I will reach out to our development partners to highlight your experience, identify the cause, and of course, address the issue ASAP.

    Could you possibly provide a link to a page in the VOX community that results in a home page redirection? This would be helpful to offer our development partners in pursuit of a solution.

    Kindly – Alexandra Matthiesen, VOX Community Manager

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        Hello, vnpanchal –

        This is an odd user experience, and I can understand your frustration. Let's seek a solution.

        While I am not able to replicate the redirection, I'll contact our internal partners responsible for the login process to the VOX community, and share your experience. Please expect an update from me upon this thread, shortly.

        And thank you for your willingness to reach out to our team to improve VOX, and your continued dedication to the community.

        Kindly – Alexandra Matthiesen, VOX Community Manager