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Symantec ApplicationHA providing application high availability and mobility in EMC Cloud-enabled infrastructure for SAP

Application and infrastructure availability is a key consideration in today's modern business continuity strategies for SAP cloud infrastructures stretched across distances. In traditional infrastructure designs for SAP high availability, workloads across physical data centers are disrupted when any of the infrastructure components fail at the same time. These traditional high availability designs are limited and usually require special combinations of software and hardware that are operating system specific, database specific, or both, making them complex, inflexible, costly, and difficult to implement and maintain. Often these designs require more effort to keep them running than actually providing the required protection and availability promised in the first place.

This white paper focuses on High Availability and Application Mobility add-on bundle of the on-premise Cloud-enabled Infrastructure for SAP. It explains the transformation of a single datacenter into a mission-critical business continuity solution with active/active datacenters. The solution is enabled by EMC®VPLEX® Metro, EMC Symmetrix® VMAX®, VMware vCloud Suite, and VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) with Symantec ApplicationHA, VMware vSphere HA and DRS.

Symantec ApplicationHA provides application monitoring and restart within virtual machines. For the scope of this paper, Symantec ApplicationHA simplifies and centralizes application administration and management through integration with VMware vSphere and guest applications.

 The main business challenges addressed by this solution include:

  • Protect against single points of failure
  • Minimize the impact caused by planned and unplanned downtimes
  • Reduce the infrastructure complexity and operational costs
  • Provide and end-to-end automated resilience model
  • Improve the utilization of resources across data centers

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Published 11 years ago
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