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LTR and Search for CDR files on Access Appliance

Hi there,one of my customers, a telco has tons of CDR files than need to be indexed and search for financial audits!We want to fulfill this request with EV and an Access Appliance.EV to index and push indexed CDR files to Access Appliance for retenti...

Can not open a technical support case

After I registered an account, I have accessed Support tab to open a technical support case. But a pop up has requested "reset password - Your password has expired. To reset your password please complete the form below".So, I can not finish to open a...

IBM TS3100 data access simultaneously

I currently have TS3100 tape media changer and I have five LTO-8 tape media. I would like to know can I access the data on the all the media (the five of them) simultaneously after writing/backing up data on them? I want to mount the 5 tapes to be se...

mcafee enter 25 digit code

McAfee software offers some of the best web protection on the market, along with amazing real-time malware detection. This software also has many useful additional features and is one of the few providers that allows covering unlimited devices. It ca... - online security suite

McAfee offers a complete online security suite with various useful features to protect your devices from viruses. Most people liked the Shredder Tool and WebAdvisor browser extension. Although there are cheaper antivirus products, you get a lot for y...

Backup Exec integration with Access Appliance

Hi Experts,Customer's Access Appliance 3350 was configured as Veritas Data Deduplication, my question is - since Backup Exec 22 only supports or can be integrated with Access as Cloud storage thru S3 protocol. Can we still configure an S3 bucket for ...

NFS TCP mounts fail with"portmap query retrying: RPC: Timed out"

NFS v3 and v4 mounts that use TCP fails/hangs when mounting on client from one node in cluster:mount.nfs: timeout set for Thu Jun 23 09:19:20 2022mount.nfs: trying text-based options 'soft,nordirplus,vers=4.1,addr=,clientaddr=

License Key Generation

Hello,Veritas sent me a certificate for Backup Exec application but when i tried to generate license key i did't see the entitled list to license. I get an Error:Authentication failed. I add the screenshot the error. How can i fix it? Thank you. 

Zeki by Level 1
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VLAN tagging on 10Gig interfaces of Access 3340 appliance

Access appliance has bond0 configured on the 10Gig interfaces and IP are assigned on bond0 without any VLAN and storage server on NBU is already configured using the virtual IP address. However, we need to configure two VLANs on bond0, one for the ex...

No LUNs/disks added when connecting to iSCSI target

Hi everyone! As a part of reconfiguring my network, I started an experiment to move from several different storage system to SDS, and for that I started trial of Veritas Access. For now I managed to install Veritas Access 7.4.2 over RHEL server 7.6 A...

can be LDAP/AD users used for console login?

Hello, this forum seems to be very inactive, hopefully somebody will respond:-). When I launch Access console logon screen, "domainname\\username" is displayed in grey as a hint in Username field. However it seems that only local users (with master r...

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Access 7.4.2 GAs on October 1 2018

Today (10/1/18) marks the release of the 7.4.2 version of Access.  The new release has several new features, but by far the most important of those features is support for NetBackup deduplication on the Access Appliance. Deduplication targets cost-of...

Resolved! Veritas Access 7.3 Installation issue on RHEL 7.3

Hello Everyone,I am trying to install Veritas Access version 7.3 on a newly installed machine with OS RHEL 7.3. The problem is while installing it asks for some configuration related to Networks. i.e Public IP, Subnet mask, Private IP and more. I do ...

used size of the licensed size

hola Me gustaría saber si alguien podría decirme cómo hago para saber qué espacio del tamaño total con licencia y uso y qué espacio tengo disponiblede antemano muchas gracias y espero que puedan ayudarme