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Compliance Accelerator - Partitioning

Level 5

Maybe I don't understand "partitioning" correctly, or it is a different feature/setting I want.  We have a number of departments setup in CA.  When searches are run in one of those departments we only want emails that meet the following criteria in the results:

  • Sent from one employee in the department to another
  • Sent from an external email to one or more of the employees in that department only
  • Sent from an employee in that department only to an external address(es)

It seems that when a search is run in that partitioned department for all emails in the department over a give period of time, the only kind of search that can be conducted is against other employees in the same department.  What about emails to employees in that department only, from an external address?

I'll assume I'm just missing the obvious.  Any help would be appreciated!

Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP3 for Microsoft Exhange
Compliance Accelerator 8.0 SP3


Level 3
If you have version 8, take a look in Chapter 7 of the CA "Installation and Configuring" manual. as opposed to the Reviewers Guide.  There is a relatively decent write up there.  Full disclaimer, I have NOT used partitions.  Also for some reason if you don't enter a date range, you don't get the same selections on message route under authors and recipients (internal only, etc)  I would suggest running 3 seperate searches, and then possibly use the internal-external option under routing and compare the # of hits.  Finally, don't forget to check-off include previously captured on each search or your results will be off for comparison purposes..

Good luck, hope I actually offered advice you could use.