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Compliance Accelerator version 8

Level 3

Upgraded a couple months ago from CA 7.5 to CA 8 - as an upgrade(?).

Lots of downtime and fustration ever since.... journeling connector repeatedly failing, nightly Hot Word searches stopped working, Research selection of users not working.... 

Has anyone else been running into these types of problems with version 8?


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Have you discussed your issues with symantec support?

Level 4
 I have seen it break the journal connector.  Additionally it broke synchronization with Domino all-together.  Support told us we will have to manually populate all 2000 users into CA (possibly import) but then will have to manually make changes to users.  (name changes...etc.)

needless to say, we are not especially happy with v8 sp2.


Level 6
We've had issues with CA 8, but nothing like what you're seeing. Our first issue was that the SQL DB for CA would fail on upgrade to SP2 so we've stayed on version 8. Also had (have) issues with hotwords not being highlighted
(as mentioned in ). Numerous issues with reporting as well, most of which have now been worked out. All in all thouhg, my users are pretty happy with the client version as compared to the old web-based version

Level 2
 Hi All,

Thanks for the comments and feedback. Obviously, if you're not happy, then we're not happy. Let me follow up on these and see what I can come back with. Do contact me privately with any support call ticket ID's you may have open. 

Nick Wade
Group Product Manager, Enterprise Vault Accelerators
Symantec Corporation

Level 3

According to our IT, per Symantec there is now a recognized bug in CA8, involving Research Folders where under Authors & Recipents, the expanding group (arrow) fails to expand to allow the selection of  individual employees for targeted searches rather than an entire department. 

For those who actually use the product, this is more than just an inconvienience. 

Level 3

Has anyone ever bought new clothes and then you find the little tag that says "imperfections merely add character to the  fabric". 

CA has a lot of  "character"....

Level 3

My original post was on 1/25/10.

But the problems actually started in September of 2009 with the upgrade to CA 8.

Per IT  Support - "The problems have been escalated to Symantec Engineering.......They have run several configuration changes, queries, etc on the SQL and CA servers ...

CA was supposed to solve problems for us - instead it has become one.

As a regulated entity, e-mail review is not optional so this is more than just an inconvienience.