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Enterprise Vault and Domino

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I'm having an issue with a client machine using Lotus Notes. They are running Compliance Accelerator but when they try to view original documents they reseive an error.

Using Compliance Accelerator 9 they can view items but could not view original items. The compliance accelerator will open Lotus Notes but then would display "Choose Servers to Search" Window that also said "Database was not found please select servers to search" Selecting all the servers listed and clicking ok comes up with IBM Lotus Notes saying "File Does not Exist"

When attempting to view an attachment from CA 9 I receive this message.

Failed to download attachment

User: KRCHFARM1\cwarner
Customer: 2
Server: localhost
Domain: Accelerator Client Domain


at Accelerator.Client.Review.ReviewPresenter.OnReadingPaneHyperlinkClicked(Uri uri)
at Accelerator.Client.Review.ReviewPresenter.DoCommand(String commandName, Object commandArg)
at Accelerator.Client.Review.ReviewPresenter.m_view_ViewCommand(Object sender, ReviewRoutedEventArgs e)
at Accelerator.Client.Review.ReviewView.ReviewView_Review(Object sender, ReviewRoutedEventArgs e)

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.:

at Accelerator.Client.Review.NativeDownloadManager.DownloadOriginal(Int32 proxyID, ItemIDType itemIDType, Int64 itemID, Int32 attachmentID)
at Accelerator.Client.Review.ReviewPresenter.OnReadingPaneHyperlinkClicked(Uri uri)

I went through and made sure the following were installed on the workstation

Windows XP Pro SP3
Lotus Notes 8.5.1
Lotus Notes 5.0 Connector
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1

I installed the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 package


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Does it work from any other computers?  Did you reboot after installing the Visual C++ package?

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It doesn't work from any other machines. Yes I did reboot after installing the C++ package.

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same version and SP?

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Yes they are the same version.

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Hello Baron,

Is Lotus Notes software machined configured ( or just installed ) on the machine when you are trying to do view original of Domino items via CA Client ?

I suspect that Lotus Notes is just installed but not configured on the machine. It is Lotus Notes ( and not CA ) which is giving you options like select the servers etc. 

Possibility it is not able to find the ID file anywhere on that machine.

Hope this helps.