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Resolved! Exclude Items From Search Results

Hi I have a customer trying to use exclude a phrase with CA. I can easily get this working if you use the following context… Content ="All Of"Vault-"Vault Store" (includes all emails that have the word vault but NOT "vault store") However, they want ...

Resolved! Upgrading Compliance Accelerator to 12.2 from 11.0.1

I have an implementation of Enterprise Vault along with Compliance Acclerator and Discovery Accelerator, all currently version 11.0.1 and preparing to upgrade to 12.2.  My DA server has the 11.0.1 EV API Runtime component installed, but my CA has the...

Jessers by Level 2
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Using OData and Browsers concerns

So when I started looking at using OData all looked really good.  However I am seeing some issues now.  If I request data for all departmentshttp://Servername/CAReporting/OData/Departments(customerID=15)It returns information just for department 15 i...

Resolved! Auditing actions taken in Compliance Accelerator ?

Hello all,An old subject ... how audit Compliance Accelerator.Do you know how can I audit all action in Compliance Accelerator ?In an old post, it is suggested that auditing could be arrive in a next major version ... have you any news ?Regards,Antoi...

Titoine31 by Moderator
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CA 12.2 new customer

I've just installed EV & CA on our QA serversI created a new CA customer and went in to the CA client to configure the new customer. The CA client connects but when I click on any menu (Configuration, Application, Monitor, etc..) nothing ...

JYezzi by Level 3
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How To Fix a 503 Service Unavailable Error

Here are the most common ways you might see the "service unavailable" error: 503 Service Unavailable503 Service Temporarily UnavailableHttp/1.1 Service UnavailableHTTP Server Error 503Service Unavailable - DNS Failure503 ErrorHTTP 503HTTP Error 503Er...

Resolved! EV DA upgrade

When I upgrade DA from 10.x to 11.x am I ok in upgrading the EV components before I upgrade the main EV servers?All my EV (including DA is currently running EV10.0.4 and I want to upgrade to EV11.0.1. I know I need to do the DA server first and so wi...

CadenL by Moderator
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CA 12 Reports

Hi All,My understanding was that the in CA 12 there would be enhanced reporting capabilities so that we can finally pull reports that show reviewer activity/evidence of review on items that were captured by search (not just random sampling and guaran...

Jolaine_Y by Level 4
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Undeleting a department

One of my admins accidentally deleted a department and i need to undelete the department, normally we do not have this right enabled.  I noticed that in  dbo.tblCase the "marked for deletion" value is set to 1.  If this was set to 0 could we recover ...

Department Paritions and Random Sampling

Problem: I need to ensure that emails sent/recieved (regardless of message route) for a particular group of users are reviewed by one reviewer, and that the emails for this group of users do not turn up in any other review set. I thought that creat...

JYezzi by Level 3
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Implications of changing company's SMTP address

Using EV/CA/DA 11.01 CHF3 We have CA Seaches setup to seach anything between a Dept and and Outside the Organization.  If I change the company's SMTP address from  to will messages that were external become internal and vi...

Scott__Hastings by Level 5
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Resolved! Items Captured via FSA

Would items captured using File System Archiving searchable in the same manner as emails using Compliance Accelerator? Meaning, could I do a nightly search for hotwords against items moved into a specified fileshare?