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Level 3

COPILOT was configured and backed up in the master environment, but due to insufficient MSDP capacity, a media appliance was introduced.

The media appliance is 5250 and the version is 10.0.

A mount point was created in ORACLE CLIENT, the existing mount point was not deleted, and the backup policy performed as the master was disabled.

I attempted a backup configured with a media appliance, but 214 ERROR occurred.

Any good ideas?


Level 1

Hello @melmel_bk ,

The information you provided points towards a potential configuration issue with Veritas NetBackup (NBU) and a COPILOT backup. Here's what we can glean from the forum post and how to troubleshoot the COPILOT 214 error.

A COPILOT backup was configured in the master environment. Due to limited storage on the Master Data Storage Pool (MSDP), a media appliance (probably a NetBackup appliance model 5250, version 10.0) was introduced. A mount point was created in the Oracle Client, but the existing mount point (presumably for the original MSDP) wasn't deleted. The master server was disabled, and the backup policy was set to use the media appliance. However, a COPILOT 214 error occurred during a backup attempt.

Possible Causes of the COPILOT 214 Error are the backup might be trying to access the old (non-existent) mount point for the MSDP instead of the new media appliance. There might be a configuration error on the media appliance itself, preventing communication with the NetBackup server. The backup policy might not be correctly configured to use the media appliance for backups.

For Troubleshooting Check the NetBackup configuration to ensure the backup policy points to the correct mount point for the media appliance. Access the media appliance management interface and verify its health and connectivity to the NetBackup server. The NetBackup server logs might provide more specific details about the COPILOT 214 error. Consult NetBackup Documentation the Veritas website offers extensive documentation for NetBackup.

Best Regards,
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