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DNS records required for Veritas Access 3350.

Level 6

Hi guys.

We are trying to configured in the DNS the access appliance.

We have an IP for eth1 on nodeA and IP for eth1 on nodeB so we create a cluster name linking these two IP.

We also requested 4 virtual IPs but we dont know how to create a dns record for these. We already create a link agregation between eth4-eth6 on each node. Does anyone know how to use the VIP and how to include these in our DNS. 

We use access appliance to duplicate information from NBU appliances.


Level 4


4 Virtual IP's are required to configure multiple use cases on Access Appliance (MSDP / MSDP-C / EV Vault Stores). Since that you mentioned your use case as to duplicate information from NBU Appliance, which also means you are going to create a MSDP Storage Server on Access Appliance.

Creating MSDP Storage Server on Access Appliance needs only 1 IP out of those 4 that you provisioned. Create a DNS record for MSDP Stroage Server name that you are going to use in NBU.

Hope it helps.

Level 4


First, the copper based eth1 is knowns as management interface and no need to be resolvable for Access Appliance to function properly in NetBackup integration point of view.

And, 4 virtual IP addresses on optical interfaces (public) are not mandatory starting from Access 8.0 and you can leave it unconfigured during initial cluster configuration. Once cluster is up and running, you can create LACP/VLAN based on your requirement and assign a virtual IP on top of it to be used for deduplication service.